What really is worst thing that could ever happen?

Oct 10, 2012 | Sparkly Love

As I write this, I am looking around my apartment at boxes, clutter and things that aren’t where they should be. That’s right, we are moving! But this is not just any move; my boyfriend Neil and I are going nomadic! This means all our stuff is being sold or put into storage and in the meantime we will be staying with family. The reason we are doing this is because our plan is to travel around the world in 2013 and create a documentary about creativity, entrepreneurialism and mindset. We are fascinated by how artists think and the emergence on the new creative economy.

Basically YOU are the inspiration!

This idea is one that has been brewing in our minds for over a year, but on September 28, after receiving a notice that our building is going to be totally re-piped (ie. water shut off, tons of construction and overall huge pain in the ass) Neil and I looked at each other and said ‘screw it, let’s move’! The notice for the re-piping was our catalyst to consider turning our dream of a documentary into a reality.

As much as I fancy myself a free spirited, risk taking gal the thought of being ‘homeless’ and filming a documentary scares the sh*t out of me! Neil and I have never made a film and have no idea what we are in for. In SO many ways what we are doing makes no sense at all and is completely crazy. What if we can’t figure it out, or our film sucks, or we never find an apartment we love as much?? The ‘what ifs’ have been creeping into my mind constantly as I put my life into boxes. Uncertainty is damn scary!

But then I think about the alternative. What if we don’t follow through on this dream? What if I we never test the waters and give it our best shot? What if this documentary could change lives and we deny them from changing because of fear? When I think of the alternative of not trying, guess what? It is a million times scarier!!

For me the worst thing that could ever happen is not going through with the documentary. To have that dream fizzle out and to never actualize. To reflect in 20 years and agonize over what could have been.

So, yes I am scared and have many fearful thoughts about everything that could go very wrong. But I have been getting better at training myself to focus on what could go very right. The thing is, no one really knows, which is why life is really all about perception. Plus, what’s the fun without a little nervous energy?!

As the saying goes, ‘what our minds can perceive, we can achieve.’

Let’s go for our dreams together!

Sparkly love,


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