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Hello, I’m Jenna!

I help entrepreneurs align with their highest selves, so they can have the freedom, confidence and space to create their most meaningful work.

There’s a new way of doing business that many people are waking up to. Instead of grinding it out with endless to-do lists, there’s a way to embrace gentle, receptive, more yin way of manifesting your dreams. I teach entrepreneurs how to BE instead of how to DO, so they can make it happen.

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Are you running your business, or is your business running you?

There’s a lot of unneeded suffering for many entrepreneurs. You might appear to be “living the dream” on insta, but no matter how much success you achieve, if you don’t feel fulfilled, what’s the point?

Your business can only grow as much as you do.

This is why working on yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Otherwise your business can become the boss of you, and you’ll lose all your power.

I understand what it feels like to run on the hamster wheel and feel trapped by the very thing I created. As someone who’s built several businesses, I identify with being an overachiever and gogetter. I know what if feels like to have my self worth be directly in proportion to my accomplishments. The heart wrenching feeling of reaching the top, and still not feeling satisfied with where I was at.

Our societal programming can make us feel that in order to achieve success we have to be constantly busy, work super hard, and always reach our goals. This is an old paradigm that’s becoming more antiquated as we’re waking up to the idea that there’s another way to make it happen.

Business doesn't have to feel like an overwhelming, neverending slog. It can feel light, effervescent, and fun!

The key is embracing trust, surrender, and a whole lot of love into the process. Less doing, more being.

Slowing down to speed up.

Our world is moving at a crazy pace, and despite achieving many great things, many of us are feeling burnt out and exhausted. And for what? If you’re not feeling fulfilled, content, and satisfied within it doesn’t matter what you’re creating on the outside.

Does this resonate with you? If you’re someone who has big creative ideas that you want to bring to life, but are struggling to make them happen, here’s how I can help:

My story

My biggest joy is helping people find what lights them up like a firecracker! As a long time entrepreneur, I know first hand how damn good it feels to sink your teeth into the work you love and serve a community. I’ve done this for many years through running the Make It show and now my focus is helping even more entrepreneurs.