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Feb 6, 2013 | Sparkly Love

In August 2011 I was clicking around on the interwebs when I stumbled upon a post on Danielle LaPorte’s site for an event she was speaking at called Rich, Happy & Hot Live in NYC. The name alone enticed me to check it out, plus Danielle had coached my brother and I with Make It and I knew she only spoke at quality events. After watching the short video of 300 women dancing around having the time of their lives, I immediately I knew Marie Forleo was someone I needed to meet!After a few days contemplating if I could take the time in late October to go to New York and spend the $1500 to attend RHH Live, I decided to just go for it. And I am SOOOOO happy I did! That 3 day event changed my business and my life forever.Towards the end of RHH Live Marie told us about her Adventure Mastermind program that gave 20 women the opportunity to work with her one on one for an entire year. There were also 3 retreats where the 20 women would hang out with Marie and get super focused on taking our business and lives to the next level. Immediately in my heart I knew this was something I needed to do!

After getting home to Vancouver I sent in my Mastermind application and told myself that whatever was meant to be would be. A couple weeks later I received an email that Marie herself wanted me in her program! It was super thrilling and I knew that this was going to lead to some HUGE opportunities.

Being part of the Adventure Mastermind last year, and working with Marie was pivotal in changing the way I think about EVERYTHING! I would have never dared to launch Make It University or embark on creating a documentary (more details on that coming soon!). The whole experience was incredible and I am thankful everyday I went for it.Jenna Herbut and Marie Forleo at Rich Happy and Hot

Having Marie Forleo as a coach and being able to speak with her every month about my struggles and challenges was incredibly helpful, but it was her online business program B-School that was the biggest contributor to my success.

I have been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years, but online marketing has never been an area I have known too much about. When I first thought of Make It University I never thought it could be entirely online. My vision was to do regular in person workshops and seminars. It was Marie who said “dude, you gotta take this online!”

At first I was overwhelmed because I was so new to online marketing and didn’t know where to begin. Because B-School is so well laid out and easy to use, it did not take me long to get the hang of it and put all the pieces together. And by the end of the last B-School module, voila! Make It University came together and has been quickly growing ever since.

Now, I know you might not have an online educational program like Make It University in mind, but the principles taught in B-School apply to ANY business…especially crafty entrepreneurs.

Online marketing is the single best way on the planet to get your business in front of your customers. The possibilities are insane but so few crafty entrepreneurs know how to leverage the internet for their business. They basically leave money on the table…which I know you don’t want to do.

B-School walks you through the process to plan, implement and build your online presence so you will attract more customers, grow your business and make more money. Plus you will be able to touch the lives of so many more people with your art. Another amazing aspect of B-School is the online community that you will be part of. B-Schoolers are incredibly helpful, insightful and supportive. Everyone is there to turn their dreams into reality and want to help you do the same.

Since I know B-School is the real deal and has helped me so much, I believe with all my heart it will transform your business and life too. This is why I have decided to become an affiliate for the upcoming enrollment. If you feel this is the year to up your game, radically improve your online presence and make the money you know you deserve, then this is the program for you!

Investing in yourself is the most important thing you can do for your business. As an entrepreneur, you are the #1 asset! Without your wisdom, passion and perseverance your business is worthless. I am such a huge believer in personal and business development and without fail, the more I spend the bigger my business grows. Plus it is a fabulous tax write off!

A swoon worthy bonus package for you

To sweeten the deal and give you some valuable B-School support, I have created a fantastic bonus package for kick ass B-Schoolers to enrol through my special link.

Here’s what you’ll get:
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  • FREE access to the kick-butt sales booster course Spring Cha-Ching (online March 1, 2013 – $75 value)
  • 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions with me so we can supercharge your B-School training ($500 value)
  • 1 x 60 minute website review and business strategy session with Neil Mangan (tech-guru, entrepreneur and non-practicing lawyer – $300 value)

How do you get it? Well, you absolutely must sign up and register through my special link (B-School enrollment is now closed – so be sure to sign up for my mailing list for new bonuses in 2014)

I am so excited to share B-School with you because I know just how magical it is! Please let me know if you have any questions about the program.

Here’s to taking your dreams seriously!


Conditions: All bonuses must be claimed after the 30 day trial period of B-School. Purchases must be made and recognized through the affiliate link provided. To lock it down, make sure you go directly through my special link if you decide to register!

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