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Apr 23, 2015 | Sparkly Love

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It feels great to finally sit down and write without the distraction of a million little things that must get done. Make It Edmonton was a couple weekends ago, and now the dust has settled and I can get back into the routine of life again. It was our busiest spring show to date (almost 10,000 customers!) and if feel surreal sometimes to have a business that is growing exponentially. Because of the increasing demand of Makies and customers alike, we have made the decision to move our Edmonton holiday show to the Expo Centre at Northlands. This is both completely exciting and terrifying!

Sometimes my life really surprises me. I would have never imagined 8 years ago when my friend Ally and I had our very first Stop & Shop, that it would have turned into what Make It is today. It’s really crazy to think how much has changed even though the concept has remained the same; to create a kick ass craft show that my friends would want to come to! It’s a simple idea that continues to be more and more popular. The most gratifying result from the growth of Make It, is to see all the Makies able to make money doing what they love. I know how exciting this feeling is, and it’s amazing to be able to help so many other people feel it too.

There are times where I get very overwhelmed and stressed out. From the outside, I think a lot of people assume I’m happy and cheerful all day long. Although I’m usually smiling, inside I often feel a sense that I’m not doing enough and that I need to work harder. I unfortunately have many sleepless nights thinking about all the stuff I ‘should’ be doing. It totally sucks.

When I tell my good friends this they often give me a look like I’m crazy. They remind me of all the stuff I do, and say if anything I should try to do less. This makes me feel better for a while, but then that little voice creeps back into my head and anxiety and panic instills.

I constantly seek out ways to improve myself. I’ve tried countless healing and spiritual modalities and am always absorbing new knowledge to be a better human. There is a ton of information out there, and I’ve filled my brain with a whole lot of it. This has helped me discover a lot about why I do and think the things I do, but I’ve also discovered you can over self-help yourself!

What I mean by this, is when I’m constantly seeking it’s almost impossible to be fully present in the moment. This can relate to business too. It can be really tempting to gloss over big accomplishments instead of taking in what was achieved. Appreciating my success is not something that come naturally, but I figure like anything else, it’s a muscle that can be strengthened.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in a strong forward momentum. The buzzy, fast frequency of having a ton of stuff on the go feels natural and normal. I like having lots on my plate and big ideas percolating. Since I surround myself with other creative entrepreneurs, this is the norm for most of my pals too.

Living this kind of life only becomes problematic when I feel like it’s impossible for me to slow down and ground myself. Because I read so much and have the knowledge, it can become even more frustrating. I have the self awareness to know what’s happening but still can’t seem to do anything about it.

Now that Make It is over, I have more time for self care. My goal is to focus on relaxation and tuning into the moment to moment sensations of being alive instead of rushing. It’s super easy to be distracted 99% of the time (thanks iPhone!), but I know as soon as I bring myself back to what is happening in front of me there is an instant shift. Life doesn’t feel so amped up and caffeinated when I focus on each one of my fingers typing this word.

My intention was to share some of the craziness that I personally feel after a Make It show is over. It’s like throwing the breaks on a Ferrari in high gear! It feels super uncomfortable and difficult to slow the hell down. But to use another car example, I know revving my engine at the level it is during show season is extremely toxic longterm.

My mantra is right now, right here is all there is, so I might as well savour! If you have any comments or tips on how you slow yourself down, please share them below. I would love to hear them 🙂


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