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Dec 1, 2014 | #MakeItTV


Happy December!

Wow, how the heck did that happen?! It’s crazy to think there’s only one more month before we ring in 2015.

This year has been a big one for me, and it’s been a pleasure to share my journey with you. From speaking in front of 1,200 people at PechaKucha, to living in NYC, and recently launching my #MakeItTV web series, I’ve definitely pushed my limits. There were times where I felt very uncomfortable and wondered if it would all be worth it, but over and over again the Universe has guided me through and I have grown in many ways.

One of my proudest accomplishment this year is #MakeItTV. I absolutely love the stories of how people are able to overcome obstacles and do what they love. Interviewing the 8 Makies was such an incredible experience, and I loved every moment of it! I’m also thrilled so many people are enjoying the episodes and getting inspired from them 🙂

In order to continue #MakeItTV I need your help! Right now I’m competing to win a production grant from Telus so please take a moment to vote and get your friends to do the same. It takes only 30 seconds, and you can cast up to 5 votes at a time and then 2 bonus votes when you share on social media. Tonight at 11:59pm is the deadline. Vote here —>

I believe in #MakeItTV SOOO much and I desperately want to continue sharing episodes with you. If you want to help me share the message that you can make a living doing what you love, vote now!!

Thank you with all my heart <3

Sparkly love,


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