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Sep 12, 2013 | Sparkly Love

I was overwhelmed by the positive response and feedback I received from my last post about celebrating life and love before it’s too late. The reason I wanted to share my sparking wine story, was to inspire and remind you to stop putting things off. I’m so appreciative to everyone who took the time to share, comment and email me. It was an incredibly touching experience and my heart is still overflowing with love.

Last night Neil and I finally popped the sparkling wine we lugged all over Europe. We toasted the wonderful memories we shared as well as to our futures apart. Neil and I laughed and cried as we reminisced. Even though drinking the sparkling wine was incredibly sad and difficult, it was also beautiful and cathartic. To look past and forget all the precious memories and blissful moments that Neil and I shared is not something I want to do. It can be easy to focus on negativity of what went wrong as a coping mechanism, but I am choosing to get through this hard time through love, not fear.

Earlier this week I had the great privilege to hear Dr. Sukhi Muker speak at a Diva Date Night event. He is an incredible person and has such a profound way of explaining the mind-heart-body connection. His talk was about the meaning if happiness and how to attract more of it. For the most part I think of myself as happy person, but I am always interested in leaning about what happiness really means.

According to Dr. Sukhi, happiness is simply the perception of progress. When he said this, my first reaction was “that’s it?!” But the more he explained, the more it made sense. As humans we are hardwired to evolve and progress. You can see this in action when you look at how technology is constantly changing and being updated to be faster, stronger and more efficient. In this same way we as humans are also being updated and reprogrammed mentally, physically and emotionally.

When difficult situations happen in life and we don’t learn or grow from them, our operating system gets outdated and does not function at an optional level. In other words, there is no progress. If you don’t integrate and adapt to change, it’s no different than trying to use a computer from 1995 and expecting it to be fully functional.

Once you process and adapt from a challenging situation, the more happiness you are able to attract into your life. This is because the frequency at which you operate is higher. I like to think of it like a video game. Once you pass a challenging level, you get a bonus round where awesome stuff shows up! Plus you enjoy it even more because there is clear contrast.

I know life can be really sad, lonely and painful. For the last few weeks I have dealt with each of these feeling every single day. I’ve learned all I can do is focus on processing and metabolizing these emotions as they come. Tricking myself to feel a certain way by focusing on negativity instead of love is like drinking a Diet Coke and pretending it’s good for me!

My focus is to integrate what I am experiencing and happily wait for the sweet bonus round to start 🙂

Sparkly love,


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