How the Heck do Your Customers Find You Online?!!

Apr 10, 2012 | High Fives, Sparkly Love, Uncategorized

Your brain on social media! Scary!
The way people will find you online will be a combination of many things. Some of these ways may surprise you, but most will be because this is where you are putting your focus and energy. The tricky part is discerning what to concentrate on, because now there are SO many things you can do online to drive traffic to your site. It can eat a huge chunk of your day if you don’t time manage and systematize.


It may sounds simple and trite, but do what feels natural to you. If you hate Twitter and think it is dumb, skip it! There is no point spreading yourself so thin because chances are you wont do anything very well. If you love to write, blog your little heart out! Send your articles to other blogs that you know get a ton of traffic. If you like to talk, dust off your web cam and tell the world what you are up to. They will be happy you did.


Online traffic has a very nice snowball effect. The more people know about you, the more they will tell other people about you and that will just grow and grow. So to get started I would say set some goal on what you would like to accomplish, and then go for it!

Success is all about taking action!
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Which one are you going do?

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