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Feb 21, 2018 | Sparkly Love

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Hello from beautiful Bali! I’ve been in this magical land for over 2 weeks, and now in the final stretch of my trip. The reason I came here was to complete editing my first book called Make It Happen. I started my writing process here about a year and a half ago and I remember feeling very connected, creative, and inspired. If you’ve been to Bali before you’ll likely understand what I’m talking about. If you haven’t I suggest you add it to your travel list.


The reason I love Bali – specifically Ubud so much is it has a genuine sweetness to it. From the local’s smiles, to the air fragranced by incense, to the art that’s present everywhere you turn. There’s this unmistakable vibe that just feels so good. Plus, for writing it’s an ideal place because you can go to a yoga class, or get a cheap massage after sitting at a desk for too long. You can also nourish your body with delish healthy food and get your chakras rebalanced with crystals!


Another fascinating thing about Bali are the serendipitous moments and connections I’ve made. This is my third time here, and every time I’ve crossed paths with someone from home, or met a stranger that knows a whole bunch of my friends. At dinner tonight, there were a couple of Makies sitting at the table next to my friend and I. At first, I didn’t recognize them, but they asked my friend how her dessert for and then said they remembered me from Make It. What are the chances?! Each time I have travelled here alone, but rarely do I feel lonely.


My book edits are going well, but I have to admit the balance between work and play can be challenging at times. One of my friends decided to travel here last minute, and I also was able to connect with a couple people from Vancouver who are now living here. We have had so many amazing conversations and done some fun activities, so I keep on reminding myself that it’s ok to have some fun.


Make It is also just around the corner, and I’ve been working hard with my team in Vancouver to ensure all 3 shows are as successful as possible. There’s challenges with slow wifi connections and a 16-hour time difference, but as the company grows we are getting more and more organized. Up until recently the operations manual lived in my head, but with the help of the amazing Hillary Samson we are creating systems and becoming a lot more organized.


There are so many digital nomads living in Bali, clicking away at coffee shops and co-working spaces. It’s because it’s a wonderful place to live, and there’s a very strong community of creative entrepreneurs who have made the decision to make their dream of running a biz from their laptop a reality. As a result, there’s a strong community of expats here in Ubud who are running internet businesses that allow for them to be fully autonomous. It’s crazy to think that this has become a new reality and possibility.


I know there are a lot of glamourous photos out there on social media of people #livingthedream. They’re on their MacBooks in beautiful tropical places, tanned, relaxed with no one to answer to. Usually they’re drinking from a fresh coconut too! Maybe your life looks a lot like this already, or maybe you’re thinking how the f*ck are they able to pull that off.


As a big traveller myself, I have always made seeing the world a priority in my life. I’ve been very privileged to have seen many amazing places while still running a successful business. From my Instagram feed it might look sparkly and carefree, but I definitely struggle with trying to balance it all. There are moments when I’m definitely feeling stressed and anxious when I’m travelling. I’m never in full chillax vacation mode because I have to do work every day to make sure my business will continue to be successful.


I’m not sure if there’s a secret formula for creating a life and business you love, but if there is I would say it’s Marie Forleo’s B-School. If you’ve been following my blog or know my story, you might know that I had the privilege of being personally coached by Marie in 2012. I was part of her Mastermind Program along with 20 other women from around the world. We were coached monthly by Marie, and then had retreats where we’d all meetup in LA, Mexico, and NYC. Although it was a hefty 20K investment, I feel very grateful I was able to be part of this incredible experience.


Since working with Marie, I have been an affiliate and advocate for B-School. Over the past 5 years many Makies and other creative entrepreneurs have enrolled in the program through me. If you haven’t heard of it, B-School it’s an online comprehensive business program that gives you all the tools needed to grow your business so you can create a life you love. I would suggest watching Marie’s free training videos for valuable insight and to also get some clarity around what the program is all about.


Part of my value add as an affiliate partner is personally coaching you for 2 hours so you’re able to get the most out of your investment. I’ve gone through B-School a few times now and know the program inside and out. On top of that, I have coached and mentored creative entrepreneurs so I understand what the needs are.


My book is all about turning creative ideas into reality, so I know more than ever what it takes to make it happen. A big part of why Make It has continued to grow and become a 7-figure business is because of what I learned through B-School. The program is an investment ($2000), so it’s not for everyone.


Who B-School IS for are those entrepreneurs who know deep down they have what it takes to be incredibly successful, but there’s an invisible force holding them back from the next level. They know they’re smart, talented, and hardworking yet they can’t seem to get out of their own way. Maybe they have tried hiring a coach or read some books on self-development that seemed to help in the moment, but nothing has had a long-term impact.


If this sounds like you I would say go for it! B-School has a money back guarantee and you’ll have lifetime access so you don’t really have anything to lose. The program is intense so it’s best to break it up so you don’t get completely overwhelmed. What I promise is it will radically change how you see your business and ultimately yourself. Click here to learn more about enrolment.


I would be happy to answer any of your B-School related questions, so if you want to find out more please shoot me an email.


If you have BIG dreams for and want to have an impact on the world, please don’t give up. I know it can be a hard and difficult journey at times, but it’s so worth it. Be as bold, creative, and courageous as possible and magic will start happening – I promise.


Thank you so much for reading and if you ever need Bali travel tips I would be happy to provide them!


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