Do Just One Thing

Apr 26, 2012 | Sparkly Love

I think sometimes the idea of growing a crafty business can be both exciting and terrifying! In order to grow, change must occur and that change can feel downright scary at times. Before you start restructuring, reformatting and re-anything just do one thing…


Re-think! Sounds too simple, right?


What I mean is rethink what you have been telling yourself all along. Maybe you tell yourself “you must work 80+ hours every week to become successful,” or “artists can’t make a lot of money, so I guess I have to get used to struggling if I am going to do this as my career.” I say bullsh*t!

Instead, rethink and change your thoughts to “I am doing exactly what I need to at this very moment”, “I am attracting amazing opportunities into my life with ease and grace” and “I will make exactly the amount of money I believe I am worth.”

Feel the difference?

Do just one thing, RETHINK!!!

The rest will fall into place, I promise 🙂


Sparkly love,




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