Be Your Own Publicist! (BYOP)

Jun 6, 2012 | High Fives, Sparkly Love

Do you feel like you could really use some public recognition right about now? Are you frustrated that your peers are getting covered in the media and you are not? Worried that the only way to get some coverage is to shell out for an expensive publicist?

Fear not beautiful crafty entrepreneur! You can DIY…and it really is not that hard.

Here are some easy steps to BYOP:

  1. Decide what sort of press coverage you would like. Get specific on what magazines, newspapers, TV shows you would like to be featured. Check out where your peers are being covered. What is your overall goal in getting press? Write all of this down and get very very clear on your vision.
  2. Create a press list, which is simply the names and emails of potential interviewers. Excel and Google Doc will keep you organized.
  3. Write a press release that will give a strong interview and story angle. To get some ideas guidance check out:
  4. Make a press kit and include your press release, bio, any past press and gorgeous pictures of you and your work. Have a hard and digital version.
  5. Send it out baby! Please make sure you include a personal email or note to the person you are sending it to. Kindness goes a loooong way here 🙂
  6. Follow up but make sure you don’t harass! People in the media are BUSY so be courteous in your approach.
  7. Get ready for some exciting emails and phone calls coming your way!  

And remember…the more press you get, the more you can leverage it to get even MORE press! So make sure to get it up on your website asap!

Have any questions, tips or comments on this post? Put them in comment box below! 

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