My Exciting Etsy Announcement!

I had the honour of being selected by Etsy to come down to their gorgeous head office in Brooklyn last week to be a part of an exciting new pilot program, Etsy Educators. When I received the invitation I was beyond trilled because working with Etsy is pretty much my biggest crafty dream! They have […]

Be Your Own Publicist! (BYOP)

Do you feel like you could really use some public recognition right about now? Are you frustrated that your peers are getting covered in the media and you are not? Worried that the only way to get some coverage is to shell out for an expensive publicist? Fear not beautiful crafty entrepreneur! You can DIY…and […]

Stop Singing the “All By Myself” Blues!

Just because you are a solopreneur, doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely! To be honest, I think the term solopreneur is kinda lame! Why do people feel the need to define entrepreneurs based on if they have staff or not? Truthfully, I think running a business solo is the best thing you can do, […]

Do Just One Thing

I think sometimes the idea of growing a crafty business can be both exciting and terrifying! In order to grow, change must occur and that change can feel downright scary at times. Before you start restructuring, reformatting and re-anything just do one thing…   Re-think! Sounds too simple, right?   What I mean is rethink […]