Do Just One Thing

I think sometimes the idea of growing a crafty business can be both exciting and terrifying! In order to grow, change must occur and that change can feel downright scary at times. Before you start restructuring, reformatting and re-anything just do one thing…   Re-think! Sounds too simple, right?   What I mean is rethink […]

Make It Vancouver! This Weekend!

It is always an exciting time of year when the first signs of spring start to appear. The days start to get a little bit longer, cherry blossoms bloom, and tiny, bright green leaves poke their heads out. It is also the time when 110 of Canada’s brightest artisans and crafters show off their fresh […]

What to do when you feel stuck?

We have all been there. That feeling when you seize up and have no idea what to do next. It can come from overwhelm, exhaustion or just not knowing what your next move should be. It sucks to feel stuck, but there are some things that I have found very helpful in getting past this […]