Why is it so scary to be seen?!

Being truly seen can feel overwhelming, heart wrenching, and f*cking scary. To have people really see you means you’re opening yourself up to judgement, criticism, and worst of all being misunderstood. What could possibly be worth feeling like this?? But what if this wasn’t true?  I know for myself I’m consistently poking my head out, and then going back into my […]

Make It Happen Challenge!

Happy Sunday friends!    These posts allow me to process some of what I’m feeling throughout the week, and my hope is that they are helpful for you to process some of own feelings and emotions. No one knows what’s going on right now, but my intention is if we are vulnerable and truthful about what […]

If not now, then when?

It’s remarkable how adaptable human beings really are. You’ve likely been in some sort of quarantine for the past two weeks or so. At first, it probably felt really overwhelming, scary, and almost surreal. Time also might have taken on a whole new sense and meaning. But as we come to terms with the idea […]

A post on Self-Love

A few nights ago I hosted a Self-Love community circle at Conscious Lab. Although it was smaller than past circles, the conversation was deep, vulnerable and full of so much wisdom. When we share our human experience there’s so much healing and beauty that comes from it. I can only speak for myself, but I […]