We are all born artists

It’s my firm belief that we are all born creative beings. When we are kids, the world encourages us to be artists and to express ourselves creativity. Then something shifts, and we are told that making stuff with our hands is a hobby or a pastime, but never a viable career option.

From my own experience running a handmade business, organizing the Make It shows and hearing the stories from Make It University students, I know for a fact that it IS possible to run a successful, creative business.

Filming Make It Happen has been such an incredible experience so far. I absolutely love hearing the stories of how people have gotten over their fears and turned their passion into a full time gig. It’s amazing how so many of us share the same fears, doubts and frustrations, but it’s encouraging that they don’t have to dictate the direction of our lives. We can be scared AND still go for it!

Neil and I are thrilled to share another clip of our Make It Happen documentary with you. We sat down with Neil’s brother, Juno award winner Dan Mangan, and asked him about creativity and childhood. He has some amazing insight I know you will love.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement. We have only 11 days left in our Indiegogo campaign (http://igg.me/at/makeithappendocumentary/) and in order to reach our goal, we need our handmade community more than ever!

Please continue sharing and contributing because without you we won’t be able to share this important message.

Have a fun filled weekend,

Sparkly love,

Jenna (+Neil)


  1. Love me some sparkles!Yet I have a tachnicel question I’ve been struggling with and based on this lovely, sparkly sparkle photo — I suspect you might have an answer!What set up do you use to shoot overhead product shots? (My dad gave me a tripod, but it will only look straight ahead. Not useful when you want to shoot kid artwork or a pile of buttons that are laying flat.)

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