The best video you can watch for your biz!


I’m finally back from India after over 3 weeks spent in Goa. My trip was incredible, but not without some pretty difficult experiences. From other people who I’ve talk to who have been to India, this seems to be common. The beaches of Goa are absolutely stunning! I especially enjoyed the South part because it […]

Why you shouldn’t chase cats!


I’m a massive cat lover. My childhood cat Phoebe is 19 years old and one of the loves of my life. I even wrote a post about the lessons she’s taught me. She’s still going strong and hopefully has a lot purrs left in her. While I was in Bali earlier this fall, I was […]

Something exciting to announce!


I’m writing this from Edmonton which has just received an early snowfall. I’m here visiting my parent’s for Thanksgiving, and it’s a stark difference from tropical Bali! I’ve only been back for just over a week, and my tan is sadly starting to fade and I’m getting used to wearing socks and shoes once again. […]