How to find your inspiration

blog march 20

One topic that is endlessly discussed in the creative community is inspiration. Where to find it, how it works, what to do when it’s not there and how to handle it when it is. Personally I love to talk about inspiration, and constantly seek out new ways to get more of it in my life. […]

The doors for B-School are now open!


Hello from gorgeous Costa Rica! Today is a very exciting day because the doors for the amazing B-School are finally open! I’m thrilled that SO many of you have been loving Marie’s free videos and getting some juicy and applicable information from them. If you are committed to taking your business to the next level, I seriously can’t […]

I’ve been making you something…


Have you ever worked on a project for a really long time and the right before it’s about to launch you have a bunch of weird and unexpected feelings? I’m totally dealing with this right now, because next week I’m going to launch my brand sparkly new website! It’s something that has been in the […]

My biggest lessons of 2014!


I love the auspicious days between one year ending and another one beginning. It feels exciting, hopeful, but I also like to reflect back on everything that is now a memory. The experience of slowly unwrapping my year, month by month and seeing what sensations and feelings raise to the top comforts me. I find […]