Unveiling Entrepreneurship


    Last week was the 11-year anniversary of when my brother and I held our first Make It show at the Bonnie Doon community centre in Edmonton. Starting out, we really didn’t have much of a plan, and it’s pretty surreal to see what the business has now grown into. I sometimes can’t even […]

I made it happen

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My book, Make It Happen finally comes out today in bookstores and online. The journey of writing this book started years ago and it feels incredibly surreal that I’m finally able to hold the finished product. I’ve laboured over this thing longer and harder than I ever imagined I would, and now it’s available for the […]

Why I burned my own book!

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The Universe works in mysterious ways sometimes. Or maybe it’s not mysterious at all, but just different than how we think things should be so we come up with a term for it. Anyways, I have been learning a ton of lessons lately and as always, I feel comfort in sharing my thoughts and ideas […]

Who really runs the show

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Above is a photo of Team Make It at the very end of our 2017 holiday show in Vancouver. The moment in time that the photo captures we were feeling exhausted, worn out, and incredibly relieved because we finished the season on an high note. The Vancouver show broke attendance records and I know many […]