We are all born artists

It’s my firm belief that we are all born creative beings. When we are kids, the world encourages us to be artists and to express ourselves creativity. Then something shifts, and we are told that making stuff with our hands is a hobby or a pastime, but never a viable career option. From my own […]

Taking in the moment

I am writing this from my parent’s house in snowy Edmonton, AB. Right now, I am wearing my pj’s and a big scarf wrapped around my neck (it’s my usual look when I am here!). I intended on making a video, but the thought of putting on make up and real clothes just seems like […]

It’s Make It Time!!

I am crazy busy getting ready for Make It! Vancouver so I thought I would just post the coupon flyer. But if you would like some awesome tips on getting prepped for the holiday season you should check out an article I wrote for oh my! handmade goodness. Lot’s of yummy stuff I hope you can put […]